Investments solutions

A full range of investment services and products for wealth management, to help our clients define an investment strategy which is consistent with their risk appetites and specific needs, identifying the best opportunities depending on personal objectives and different market situations.


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The capabilities of the Group’s finest experts are also available to Mediobanca Private Banking clients for their portfolio management needs with respect to non-financial assets (e.g. corporate, real estate, etc.) with a view to helping them create value from and optimize their investments as a whole.

Illiquid investments

Mediobanca Private Banking offers its clients alternative, exclusive and highly specialized investment services through the possibility of investing in illiquid instruments.

Sustainable investments

Mediobanca Private Banking complements traditional investments with sustainable solutions, whilst retaining optimization of the overall risk/return on the portfolios it manages as the primary objective.


Mediobanca Private Banking offers financial & portfolio advisory services.

The process is based on careful selection of personal objectives, in order to provide tailored asset allocation recommendations along with specific investment ideas in order to be able to implement them. The investment solutions proposed refer to all international markets and every investment class, identifying the best opportunities based on the different market situations and assuring personalized assistance at all stages.

Management Products

Mediobanca Private Banking offers diverse products in terms of management style and risk profile:

Systematic products

Combining traditional, alternative and risk reduction strategies, with the objective of growing capital over the medium term;

Dynamic products

Focused on the absolute result, with the objective of achieving a dynamic exposure in financial instruments;

Pure product

Asset class products replicating specific asset classes.

Grazie all’offerta di un Mandato Multilinea, il cliente - nell’ambito di un unico contratto di gestione – ha la possibilità di allocare il proprio patrimonio su più linee di gestione, ciascuna con proprie caratteristiche e con un proprio peso percentuale all’interno del portafoglio complessivo.

Inoltre, grazie al Mandato Multilinea, è possibile la compensazione fiscale dei risultati ottenuti sulle diverse linee di gestione che lo compongono.

Funds and SICAVS

Mediobanca Private Banking enables its clients to invest in a wide range of exclusive funds available through the Mediobanca Group’s asset management companies:

  • Mediobanca SGR
  • Ram Active Investments

and through Luxembourg-incorporated Mediobanca Management Company, via:

  • Mediobanca SICAV
  • Palladium FCP

Mediobanca SGR is the Mediobanca Group’s product factory offering clients the possibility to invest in open-ended investment funds (UCITS).

It offers a wide range of open-ended collective investment funds featuring different strategies and risk/return profiles to need the individual needs of clients in a variety of market scenarios.
Mediobanca SGR selects the investments based on the principal ESG criteria, considering the integration of environmental, social and governance criteria into the investment process to be a priority.

RAM Active Investments is the Mediobanca Group’ companies asset management company based in Geneva in Switzerland, specializing in alternative management and active investment, with an approach which is distinctive for the more objective search for alpha sources to extend the range of opportunities offered in both systematic and tactical management.

RAM AI’s offering is split according to two main approaches: RAM Systematic and RAM Tactical. The former allows investors the opportunity to select stocks following careful, multi-perspective analysis of market inefficiencies, while the latter is focused on risk analysis with a view to returning yields that are regular in time.

Mediobanca SICAV is a multi-segment company incorporated under Luxembourg law owned by Mediobanca Management Company.
Mediobanca SICAV offers multiple segments for investments in the following categories: equities, bonds and flexible, allowing investors to trade in various geographies, to obtain adequate diversification and broad coverage of all asset classes and management styles featured on the market.

Palladium FCP is a Luxembourg-incorporated company offering investment solutions geared towards obtaining significant diversification.

The offering at present consists of two main segments:

Protected Growth
Cairn Mediobanca Strata UCITS Credit Fund

Third-party UCITS

A wide range of third-party UCITS selected from among the leading international asset managers.

The third-party UCITS are effectively integrated from an open architecture standpoint with the product factories’ offering, with the objective being to cover all asset classes in optimal fashion.

The wide range of SICAVs offered by Mediobanca Management Company, the third-party UCITs and other collective investment undertakings enables clients to:

  • Adapt their investments to the opportunities offered by the financial markets and so construct a portfolio with a high risk/return ratio
  • Be able to choose from among the best products available on the asset management market
  • Leverage the advice of a team of highly-qualified professionals with expertise in managing and selecting the best products for each asset class.

Insurance policies

Mediobanca Private Banking offers various Italian and non-Italian insurance solutions in the life insurance policy line. These instruments allow clients’ different needs to be met flexibly, from the most straightforward to the most sophisticated: wealth protection, tax optimization, and succession planning.

Other solutions

Public offerings

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