Private Markets Investments


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Mediobanca Private Markets

The three Mediobanca Private Markets Funds I, II and III grant investors access to private markets at an international level, enabling them to invest in asset classes traditionally reserved to institutional clients. Developed and managed by Russell Investments, they entail investment over the medium-long term, providing an integrated and diversified solution across illiquid asset classes. The illiquidity premium can also be leveraged to obtain lower volatility than is possible on traditional markets.

Mediobanca BlackRock Co-Investments

This is the first international co-investment initiative in Italy, developed in partnership con BlackRock and managed by Mediobanca SGR. The fund grants privileged access to international co-investment opportunities in partnership with a selection of the leading private equity fund managers at global level. The co-investments offer clients access to deals which would normally be inaccessible to investors, and provide potentially higher returns unrelated to those available on listed instruments.

TEC - The Equity Club

This is our investment club, structured together with a group of investors, with the objective of taking stakes in selected Italian businesses which present material growth prospects.