Advisory Services

A complete range of investment products and services for financial assets, in order to define an investment strategy consistent with the client’s risk aptitude and specific needs, identifying the best opportunities based on the client’s profile and personal goals, and the various market situations. 

By also managing portfolios of non-financial assets (Corporate and Real Estate), the experts of the Group are at the service of Mediobanca Private Banking Clients, in the perspective of an overall optimization and enhancement of clients’ investments.

Advisory Services

Mediobanca Private Banking offers “Financial & Portfolio Advisory” services.

The advisory process is based on a careful assessment of the client’s personal goals in order to provide personalized asset allocation recommendations and specific investment ideas to implement them.

The investment solutions recommended are related to all international markets and all investment classes, identifying the best opportunities based on the various market solutions and guaranteeing a constant competent and comprehensive assistance with investments.

Portfolio management lines

Mediobanca Private Banking offers a portfolio of management lines that vary in management style and risk profile:

  • Management Lines, that replicate specific Client risk profiles;
  • Dynamic Lines, focused on an absolute result, with the goal of achieving dynamic exposure in financial instruments;
  • Pure Lines, asset class lines that replicate specific asset classes.

Through a Multi-Line Mandate – in the perspective of a single portfolio management contract - clients can allocate their assets over multiple management lines, each one with its own characteristics and percentage weight within the total portfolio.

Moreover, with the Multi-Line Mandate, it is possible to offset taxes on the results achieved on its various management lines.

Third party SICAV and UCITS Sub-Funds

Through Mediobanca Private Banking Clients can access exclusive SICAV sub-funds of Mediobanca Management Company.

The offer includes numerous sub-funds in the following categories: monetary, equity, bond, flexible and absolute return, which permit operations on multiple geographic areas in order to obtain adequate diversification and wide coverage of all asset classes and management styles on the market.

Moreover, Mediobanca Private Banking offers the option of investing in undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS) of Mediobanca SGR.

The offering includes:

  • quantitative investments with a focus on real balancing of the risk allocated on the various asset classes and their components;
  • bond investments with significant exposure to contingent convertible bonds and high yield bonds;
  • solutions that benefit from the opportunities offered by the Italian SME market and the specific advantages of the new regulations regarding tax exemption for investments in the real economy (individual savings plans - PIR). 

With a view to open architecture, these kinds of investments are joined by a wide range of third party UCITS selected from among leading international asset managers. The third party UCITS effectively integrate with Mediobanca SGR’s offer, with the aim of ensuring optimal coverage of all asset classes.

The wide range of Mediobanca Management Company SICAV, third party UCITS and Italian UCITS, allows clients to:

  • Adapt their investments to the opportunities offered by the financial markets and create a portfolio with a high risk/return ratio;
  • Avail of an extensive range of the best products offered by the asset management market;
  • Take advantage of advice from a team of professionals constantly engaged in managing and selecting the best products for each asset class.

Dedicated SICAV Sub-Funds and Specialised Investment Funds

With Mediobanca Private Banking you can invest in:

  • Dedicated SICAV Sub-Funds
  • Specialised Investment Funds (SIF)

Dedicated SICAV Sub-Funds provide clients with extensive wealth and with considerable personalization needs, with an optimized management of their assets.

SIF are dedicated vehicles that allow clients to invest in the widest variety of tangible and intangible assets, protecting family assets and favouring their succession planning. 

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