Directive 2014/65/EU, regulation 600/2014 and the regulations enacting it (jointly, “MiFID II Regulation”) stipulates, inter alia, that intermediaries are required to adopt all suitable measures to ensure the best possible results (“best execution”) for their customers (retail or professional) in the provision of investment services of order receipt and transmission and order execution on behalf of customers.

Furthermore, MiFID II Regulation force intermediaries to identify, prevent and manage the conflicts of interest arising in relation to their various business lines and their group's activities – under a comprehensive conflicts of interest policy – and address fair, clear and not misleading information to their customers on the investment firm and its own services.

Mediobanca, in this regard, has prepared and adopted provisions and controls, collected in the following documents:

1) Order Execution and Transmission Strategy with reference to Static Best Execution, following the details of reference markets:

  • Equity
  • Bonds 

2) Summary of the Policy on conflicts of interest

3) Information document

4) Mediobanca Summary of Allocation Directive MiFID 2